This delicious, antioxidant packed, inflammation reducing soup is packed full of antioxidants for heart, brain & hormonal health. Roast 2 red and 2 golden beetroots cut into 4 wedges skin on, with 8 Brussels sprouts halved, 4 garlic cloves & 4 golden shallots skin on, 1 zucchini halved. Spray olive oil and squeeze half a lemon over. Roast on 180C until tender, (turn half way, beets take around 40 mins, the rest 25 ish. Warm 2L vegetable stock or beef bone broth. Simmer 1/2 cup rinsed red lentils for an hour until soft, with 1/4 shredded red cabbage. Add cooked roasted vegetables and blend. Serve with plain yogurt & chives or feta & coriander.