Choose your base, I have Roti (yeast free) flat bread. It freezes well. Roast your vegies until cooked (around 20 minutes on 200C), this was jap pumpkin chunks (you could do orange sweet potato for extra tryptophan), cauliflower florets with lemon squeezed over, zucchini sliced. Cook extra for lunch tomorrow. Spread some homemade pesto or tomato paste on the base, pile up the vegies and put into 160C for 7-10 minutes until base is crisp. Crumble feta or plop cottage cheese over the top, your favourite spicy salsa (I love Tomato Kasaundi) and finish with rocket or baby spinach. A perfect light dinner. The extra vegies can go into a salad tomorrow with greens, avocado & a boiled egg.  All set!

Pizza Veg Feta