Refreshing Picnic Fare not Stodgy!

What’s your fall back picnic food? Bread? Salami? Pizza?  Well how about this delicious Chicken Mango Salad? I was very lucky to enjoy this at the Voices in the Forest outdoor concert the other night. Mum made it for us!  Yay Mum!!XX  So here’s now to recreate it for 4 with leftovers.

1 Free range/Organic roasted chicken, 3 cups rocket or baby spinach, 1 cup dark lettuce leaves, 1 red capscium sliced (or roasted first), 2 carrots cut into thin chips, 8 radishes chopped into small wedges, 1 large or 2 med mangoes flesh diced, 1/2 cup parsley or mint chopped, 1 tablespoon sesame seeds or pinenuts sprinkled over. Dressing: 1 tblsp Lemon juice or balsamic, 3-4 tblsp cold pressed olive oil, 1 teasp seeded mustard. Break up the chicken and toss with the other ingredients. How easy is that?! Perfect leftovers for lunch too.