New Muesli Recipe. Yum!

New Muesli Recipe! Yum. 500g organic rolled oats, 1 cup LSA, 1 cup pumpkin seeds, 1/3 cup organic dried mulberries, 1/3 cup walnuts crumbled a bit, chia seeds. Mix together everything except the chia. Put 1 desertspoon chia into your bowl t

he night before, cover with twice as much water to absorb. The next day add muesli, fresh fruit and milk or yogurt. Or, I prefer to soak the muesli with the chia and the next day add fresh fruit and plain organic yogurt. So refreshing. This version had 1/4 banana + 1 passionfruit. The mulberries are divine (Mountain Ck Wholefoods, Griffith Shops), walnuts are packed with Vitamin E and protect your heart and nourish your brain, pumpkin seeds are loaded with Zinc so great for fertility, skin, stress and immunity. Chia is better soaked. It’s pointless just sprinkling some on the top. You need a decent amount for the benefits.