Well I think the term "Superfoods" is a bit of attention grabbing.  However, Chia is still worth including in your diet.  The thing is we need variety in our eating. It's too easy to stick to the same thing all the time.  For long term good health and avoidance of gut problems and sensitivities down the track mix it up a bit. Chia is great to include in breakfast, smoothies or dessert! – just soak it overnight to get the great texture, kids love it too.  It's great if you're gluten intolerant and is packed full of calcium, potassium and other minerals.  It's one of the highest sources of Omega 3 (great for vegetarians) and is also a good source of protein and fibre.  We recommend and stock Loving Earth Organic Chia.

I'm loving is for 1 breakfast.  Soak 1 heaped desertspoon of Chia with or without 1 heaped desertspoon of rolled oats.  Cover with 3 x the amount of water and pop in the fridge or do a batch for a few days.  The next day add some fruit – this had strawberries, this morning I had blueberries, a flat desertspoon each of pumpkin seeds – good for your bones and helps lower cholesterol, also a source of tryptophan for relaxation and mood, zinc – good for skin, stress, immunity and digestion, Sunflower seeds contain Vit E – good for skin, cholesterol, heart, sperm count as well as tryptophan and B1 – both great for mood, and walnuts – fantastic omega 3 and Vit E too.  I love adding plain yogurt when serving.  Enjoy!