A quick delicious Breakfast idea for you.  Fabulous Mango Smoothie.  Soak 2 desertspoons chia seeds in water (about 1/4 cup) and stir.  Should take around 10 minutes to absorb, stir again. Then add to blender with a mango (or whatever fruit in season) and 1/2 cup of plain organic (or coconut) yogurt. If it’s too thick add some water. Blend, serves 2.  It’s super refreshing, loaded with Vitamin C, lots of gluten free minerals from the seeds and some good fats with calcium from the yogurt.  It’s also a bit more filling with the seeds.  You could also add 1 desertspoon of LSA for more fibre and good fats for your brain and hormones if you like.

Enjoy this Light Brekky idea post Christmas Excess!