Chocolate Nutty Slab

Yum! This recipe is adapted from the Thermomix cookbook. I buy the nuts whole and grind them myself or buy ground. 130g ground almonds (skins on), 75g ground cashews, 250g pitted medjool dates, 65g dessicated coconut, 25g raw cacao powder (so nutritious), 1/4 teasp quality salt ( I use Lotus brand Sea Salt Iodised – Aluminium free), 20g honey/maple syrup/rapadura sugar/ xylitol/ or agave syrup, 80g organic coconut oil (healthy fat).  Grease and line a lamington tin with baking paper.  Add nuts, dates, coconut, cacao, salt and honey (or your preferred sweet thing) and process until well mixed.  Add coconut oil (may need to warm up over hot water if solid), mix until well combined. Press mix into tin with back of a spoon until surface flat. Use knife to score lines for squares. Hide from family in freezer for 20 minutes until set. It melts quickly so keep it there until the hoards descend!  Enjoy.