This Super Food Smoothie is great for breakfast.  It’s also a satisfying lunch if you overdid eating yesterday! ProtSmoo

Add 1/4 cup pitted cherries (reduce inflammation, relieve arthritic pain, prevent gout, reduce belly fat & post exercise muscle pain, lower the risk of stroke and support melatonin for a deep restorative sleep) or blueberries plus 1/2 small frozen banana, this adds a smooth texture & loads of potassium to reduce fluid retention (slice and store in freezer), 1 Tblsp soaked chia seeds (I soak them in a glass jar in the fridge and keep for up to 5 days), 1 Dstsp LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seeds & almonds – also store these in glass in the fridge), 1 heaped Dstsp plain yogurt (cow, sheep or coconut), 200-250ml filtered water (depending on how thick you like it), 1 serve of protein powder (I use Whey 12-20g protein per serve, you could use a vegan powder or Pea Protein if you prefer).  Blend the lot and enjoy. The benefits of this are loads of antioxidants and minerals from the fruit, protein to create enzymes, build muscle and support healing, yogurt for calcium, magnesium & good fats, LSA provides fibre, fats & phytoestrogens for healthy hormone function & a variety of vitamins & minerals. Chia also supports bowel health and provides good fats and minerals.  Now that’s a Super Food Smoothie!