Makes 8: 1 med broccoli, 3 garlic cloves finely chopped, 4 eggs, 1 small bunch parsley chopped, 150g of gluten free flour or buckwheat flour (put an extra 50g aside in case mixture is too wet) 80g feta, 1/2 cup of pine nuts, 1 lemon, salt and pepper, dash of olive/coconut oil.
1. Chop broccoli finely and steam for 5 minutes.
2. Beat eggs in a bowl, add flour, garlic, S&P and parsley.
3. Chop fetta into small cubes, add to mixture.
4. Dry pan fry pine nuts on low heat until slightly golden then add to the mixture.
5. Finely slice broccoli then add into mixture. I found that I needed to add an extra 50 grams of flour to the mixture as it was too wet. (thanks to the Supercharged Woman for the recipe)
Broccoli helps liver detoxification, this clears inflammation = more energy and a healthy weight.