The problem with tinned baked beans is the white lining is BPA plastic.  This is banned in a lot of other countries because it interferes with everyone's hormones including children.  BPA in our food supply as well as baby's plastic bottles is contributing to little girls reaching puberty too early and men's sperm count's drop of 50% in the last 50 years.
Here are 2 versions of my delicious, plastic free version of Baked Beans.  Easy to make and they freeze well.  
Recipe:  soak Cannelini or Borlotti beans (suits all blood types) overnight in water.  That evening you can make stock if you feel like it from 2 L filtered water, vegie off cuts, herb stalks like parsley and a bay leaf.  If you're organised and have a chicken carcass in the freezer (cheap from the butcher) chuck that in too.  The next day drain and rinse the beans, strain your stock and freeze what you wont be using for soup another day.  I also saved half the beans to puree with a casserole instead of mashed potato (that recipe later!)?Brown 1 spanish onion (loads of quercetin which is a powerful anti inflammatory and cancer protective nutrient) and 1 clove of garlic in a little olive oil, stir in 1 tbsp tomato paste, then add 1 cup of  beans and stock to cover and a bit extra and a bay leaf.  If you're an O blood type you can add a tin of tomatoes, but best not to if you're an A or B type.  (We can test this for you if you don't know)  Then bring to the boil and simmer around an hour or until beans are cooked but not mushy.
Great for breakfast, or lunch, or as a side dish with dinner.  I put some in a baking dish, plopped an egg on top (for protein and mental energy to last the afternoon) and steamed some kale (brilliant dark green vegie packed full of Vitamin C, K and Folate).  I also had some leftover baked brussels sprouts.  Have you tried them baked with a squeeze of lemon juice and sprinkle of dukkah?  Totally delicious and they taste really nutty.  Don't tell anyone they're Brussels Sprouts, just say they're pixies cabbages!  Enjoy.