At  Canberra Wellness Centre we offer a thorough solution to address your health concerns.  You will have more energy and feel better than you could have imagined once you have completed one of our Health Restoration Programs.

These include Gut Detox, Energy Restoration, Digestive Health Program, Boost Your Fertility Naturally, Shake It Fat Loss Program

1. We will create a thorough treatment plan and include tests to get to the bottom of your health issues.

2. As a Program patient you will have priority in the diary and reduced cost for appointments and tests as well as some surprise freebies!

3. We work closely together to ensure you reach your health goals then keep you there.

RBTI: Urine & Saliva – This is the best test to find out why you’re tired not energised from the food you’re eating.

  • This amazing test gives us clear insights into your body chemistry including pH so we can see if you’re too acid or too alkaline.  It helps us find out the background of any health problems, as well as prevent conditions you may not be aware of yet.   It is the perfect way to see if you are following family disease tendencies.  We clearly see whether
  • you are breaking down your food properly, absorbing it, clearing waste or storing it,
  • whether your liver is coping with its digestive role or not.
  • Carbohydrate levels can be too high or too low.  This indicates whether your energy crashes after meals and if you’re on track for insulin resistance or diabetes.
  • Salt levels indicate whether your diet needs changing or you just don’t drink enough water.
  • It also shows if a part of your body is under pressure, like the heart, thyroid, pancreas, gut and reproductive area.

SIBO Breath Test – detects Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, we have testing kits in the Clinic.

  • This can be the cuplrit that prevents irritable bowel syndrome resolving.
  • It can also make getting off a restrictive FODMAPs diet impossible.
  • Signs that you may have SIBO are bloating straight after eating, plus some of the following
  • burping after meals, gas & wind,
  • Abdominal cramping, diarrhoea or constipation or both,
  • Acid reflux, Nausea, Acne Rosacea
  • Leaky Gut symptoms (food sensitivities, joint pain, brain fog etc).
  • Better to find out if SIBO is the cause because the treatment needs to be very specific to your results.

GIMap – we give you the test request form so you can order the kit directly from the lab.

The comprehensive stool tests checks large bowel toxicity, levels of good and bad bacteria & parasites & digestion.

If your gut is leaky it can aggravate inflammation, pain and head fog.

Starting to react to food that used to be okay? 

Stress, antibiotics, candida and tummy bugs can all weaken your bowel.

We can start by clearing out the nasties, restoring the good guys, reduce the inflammation and track your progress to health.

You’ll have better energy because you’ll be absorbing vitamins more efficiently and clearing waste. How is your gut coping with daily life?

VLA: This Body Health Test checks:

  1. Cell membrane resilience which determines whether you’re eating enough protein and good fats to keep you strong and resistant to disease, absorbing nutrients and clearing waste.
  2. Fluid balance shows whether your cells (you) are properly hydrated like a grape or dried up like a sultana!  You could be drinking a lot but it’s not getting to where it needs to be.  We can also see if you have fluid retention holding toxic waste that hinders weight loss and energy.
  3. Muscle mass. Do you have the right amount for your age?  Without enough muscle you don’t burn fat efficiently.  We start to lose muscle in our forties, so maintaining the muscle for healthy aging and life extension is vital.  We can see whether the exercise you are doing is actually keeping you healthy.
  4. Fat mass. Your percentage determines the style of eating and exercise that will work best for you.  Whether you need to reduce fat or gain it we can track it accurately.
  5. Estimated Cell Age is best when it’s close to your actual age.  This is worth knowing to see if you’re older than you should be and how to restore your youthful vitality.
  6. Your accurate BMI makes sure that you are in the healthy weight range for your body type.

Zinc Test

A quick taste test determines your reserves of this vital nutrient. Up to 70% of Australians are zinc deficient and can benefit from supplementation. Clues are low immunity, poor wound healing, not coping with constant stress, frequent colds and flu, insomnia, anxiety and depression including post natal depression and skin health. As you can see, adequate zinc levels are vital for optimal health.

Blood Analysis: In House or Functional Pathology

Blood is considered ‘the River of Life’ and is the best way to view your inner health. Test results reveal the story of your blood to give us insights into the triggers and causes of many health concerns. These may include sluggish or overactive immune cells, which tells us whether you can efficiently activate your immune system to fight allergies, bacteria and viruses. Test results alert us to red cell size and structure that indicates nutritional deficiencies, oxidative stress damage and at other signs of inflammation, liver stress and leaky gut.  It’s fascinating to find out that something as basic as low iron can be causing common symptoms of fatigue, headaches, poor immunity and heavy period.

Blood Tests give us the keys to treatment choices that will revitalize and rejuvenate your health. Then we can track your progress not only with improved symptoms but changes in the blood results. We can determine which tests are relevant for you at your first consultation.  If you’ve had recent blood tests please bring a copy to your appointment, whether or not they were deemed ‘in range’.

Oxidative Stress Test:

This finger prick blood test checks for your current free radical (bad guys that damage tissue and DNA and over the long term predispose you to disease) and antioxidant levels (good guys that neutralise and clear free radicals).  The goal is to clear oxidative stress that can accelerate the progress of diseases.  Examples are fatigue after exercise, premature ageing, cellulite, inflammation. Risk is increased from exposure to radiation and environmental chemicals including smoking, stress, prolonged or constant infections.

Heavy Metal Tests

Our BioMeridian machine can determine whether heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Copper are causing your system to become stressed or weakened.

Depending on the results we may decide to look Hair Mineral Analysis to determine the actual levels.  We recommend this for Fertility patients because we know that heavy metals block the absorption of essential vitamin and minerals that you need for healthy fertility as well as general health.  You can swallow tons of vitamins and minerals and but wont help if heavy metals are in the way.  Once we know we can do something about it.

Mercury can inhibit absorption of Zinc, perpetuate candida, poor immunity, headaches, pain, damage sperm, increase risk of miscarriage, and many more unpleasant symptoms.