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Michelle Kirby

Michelle Kirby
Gut & Energy Restoration Specialist
Herbalist, Naturopath, Public Speaker, Food and Health Writer

About Us

At  Canberra Wellness Centre we offer comprehensive testing and programs to address all your health concerns.  Whether it’s Gut Health, Energy Renewal, Anxiety Reduction, Microbiome Restoration, Liver Detoxification, Fertility Optimisation or Immune Enhancement.  You will have more energy and feel better than you could have imagined once you have completed one of our Optimal Health Programs.

We utilise state of the art technology including:

  • Blood Analysis
  • Body Health Testing
  • Bio Meridian Stress Testing (the only Clinic in Canberra to have this remarkable equipment),
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Wellness Assessment and more
  • For details on testing see our Programs page
  • We also order Functional Pathology tests from specialist laboratories including SIBO test, GI Map Stool Test, Adrenal Hormone Test, Leaky Gut Test and a variety of Blood deficiency tests.

Michelle Kirby is a highly qualified and experienced Herbalist, Gut Health Naturopath, Public Speaker, Food and Health Writer.  She founded her busy practice over 28 years ago and keeps up to date with the latest scientific developments in naturopathic and nutritional medicine. Her Post Graduate qualifications include Natural Fertility Management, Live Blood Analysis, Body Health Testing, Bio Meridian Stress Assessment and Functional Pathology Testing.

Michelle is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), a friend of The Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).  Michelle’s patients were eligible for rebates from private health funds until the Federal Government changed the legislation.

Michelle is passionate about Food as Medicine.  To help patients choose healthy, energising meals Michelle gives lots of great recipes and tips.  Like us on Facebook and follow on Instagram to access recipes and all the latests Naturopathic Health updates.

Michelle specialises in gut health and testing, sorting out complicated digestive disturbances, gut pain, chemical and food sensitivity testing.  Plus clinical detoxification, recovery from chronic fatigue, energy improvement, resolution of anxiety and depression, natural fertility, children’s health and fat loss 

  • These help you understand the effect your eating choices have on your alertness and whether you have boundless energy or are exhausted and crave sweet food all day!
  • Individualised treatment plans ensure lasting health benefits. Your progress will be tracked using our highly sophisticated testing procedures and cutting edge technology. How fantastic to see and feel how much you improve!

Check out what our existing patients are saying below. Please note that as our approach is tailored to each patient and their specific needs, individual results may vary.

“I’d been getting constant viral and bacterial infections for the past few years and needing a week off work each time.  Now none!  No more stomach pain or bloating either now I know what not to eat.”


“Michelle is an amazing individual who has taught me a lot about natural medicine and the benefits of the right foods. She is very personable and shows a genuine interest in you. Her Facebook page is great with lots of great recipes. You also receive emails with tips and info through out the year with all sorts of wonderful info on everything.

Michelle has helped me soooo much and I’m now giving advice to friends and family all thanks to Michelle.

Thank you for being you and helping me to better health.”


*Individual results may vary from patient to patient.